Wine 101

Late Summer White Wines

As the dog days of summer start to slip away, we find ourselves updating our wardrobe to move into our fall attire. Wines are no different. Wine lovers begin to turn to different wines. Spring wines are good for light, fresh wine while winter is perfect for warming reds. With…read more

How Wine Is Made

Ever wonder how wine goes from a grape to the drink in a bottle? Depending on the grape and region, steps may vary, but for the most part every wine harvest includes these basic steps. Pick The Grapes Most vineyards pick the white grapes first and then will move to the red…read more

How To Taste Wine

Want to taste wine at a winery but don’t know how? It’s easy! Follow these simple steps and our advice. You can start enjoying wine in a different way and maybe sound like a tasting expert to your friends. Step 1: Pour The Wine If you taste wine versus enjoying a glass…read more

How To Pair Wine With Food

Pairing the right wine and food together can enhance a dining experience. Before getting too worried about getting the perfect match, it’s important to remember that this is subjective and may vary between people. How Does It Work? Wine flavor is derived from sugar, acid, fruit, tannins and alcohol. Food has flavor…read more

Top Domestic Wines

The wide variation in climate and geography across the continental United States allows vineyards to grow almost any variety of grape. You can find thousands of varietals such as Chardonnay and Merlot, which are made from a single type of grape, or carefully crafted wine blends. Walking into a well…read more

Look at the Legs on This Wine!

Wine legs, also known as “tears of wine,” are the streaks you see wine droplets leave behind as they slide down glass. Try swirling a glass of wine, and you’ll notice immediately afterwards that the wine leaves almost a crown of droplets in its wake. Some connoisseurs look at these…read more

Introduction to Domestic Wines

There are thousands of vineyards scattered across the United States, from the fertile valleys of California to dry climate of the Southwest. Different regions are able to grow different grapes, and thus produce very different tasting wines. You can find almost as much variety in domestic wines alone as you…read more

How to Sip, Swirl, and Look Like You Know Your Wine

There’s a complex and sometimes seemingly mysterious culture behind wine tasting. The ritual of sniffing and swirling may seem strange to an onlooker, but it’s considered an important part of experiencing the full flavor and body of a wine. It’s not difficult to fit in with the wine connoisseurs when…read more