Cheeses & Salumi

Cheese Flights & Salumi

All cheese flights are served with house made jam, crostini, Cabernet gelée, and apple. The salumi flight is served with a radish and herb salad, house made breadsticks and violet mustard.

The BIN 36 Flight

Try this hand-picked cheese selection and discover something new, unexpected and delicious.

Triple X

Seductive, rich and sexy. But it’s not all about the decadent milk. These cheeses are packed with flavor.

  • Buffala Mozzarella Italy There is nothing quite like this Italian cheese - creamy & rich, it’s as delicious as it is unique.
  • Chef’s Chevre California It takes Laura Chenel two days from goat to table for her fresh chevre, and we love its rich farmstead flavor.
  • Cremeux De Bourgogne France Classic triple cream (at least 75% butterfat) with a silky texture and a creamy core.
  • La – Von Wisconsin A classic blooming rind cheese with a rich & creamy interior, hints of citrus & wild flowers.

Cows Through The Ages

What's the point of aging a cheese? Try this progression and discover how the aging process alters aromas, textures and taste.

  • Basket Ricotta California This hand dipped ricotta is considered to be one of the best in the world -maybe it is the best. Judge for yourself.
  • Cambozola Germany Called the blue brie, this rich double cream blue is balanced by its salty interior.
  • L’Amuse Gouda Holland The King of Holland! Creamy, meaty, salty, sharp and absolutely delicious. Aged 2 years.
  • Gorgonzola Dolce Italy Younger than a traditional gorgonzola, this cheese is creamy but still packs a punch.


Travel the world without leaving your seat. Excellent examples of Best in Class — no layovers or delays. Sit back and relax.

  • Manchego Spain Herbaceous and sweet, this rich cheese has hints of toasted almonds and earthy notes
  • Saint Nectaire France This wash rind cheese has a buttery texture but pungent & lingering. farmyard flavors.
  • Flory’s Truckle Iowa Made in the bandaged wrapped style, this cow’s milk cheddar has a chewy, chalk texture & sharp cheddar flavor.
  • Moliterno Al Tartufo Italy This cheese is rubbed with vinegar and olive oil, add black truffle and you have a winner. A great cheese made in Sardinia.

So You Think You Know Cheddar

This selection of beauties is as diverse as it is delicious. Cheddar has never been better!

  • La Clare Wisconsin The mildest cheddar in this group, it has a creamy texture, and a fruity flavor. The finish is surprisingly long.
  • Idiazabal Spain A rich, buttery mouthfeel from the milk of Laxta & Carranza sheep make this cheese both decadent and unique.
  • Barely Buzzed Utah Rubbed with ground espresso beans and ground lavender, with hints of vanilla and cacao nibs.
  • Hooks 8 Year Wisconsin The king of Wisconsin! Creamy, meaty, salty, sharp, brash, rich and absolutely delicious.

Salumi Flight

  • La Quercia Prosciutto garlic, black pepper, sea salt, bay leaf
  • N’Duja spicy spreadable Calabrian salame made with pork belly, roasted Calabrian chilis, and Chianti red wine
  • Salami Francois white wine, white pepper, garlic
  • Soppressata clove, ginger, nutmeg, coriander

ADVISORY Consumption of raw or undercooked food such as meat, poultry, fish, shellfish or eggs, which can contain harmful bacteria, may cause serious illness.