Cheeses & Salumi

Cheese Flights & Salumi

All cheese flights are served with house made jam, crostini, Cabernet gelée, and apple. The salumi flight is served with a radish and herb salad, house made breadsticks and violet mustard.

The BIN 36 Flight

Try this hand-picked cheese selection and discover something new, unexpected and delicious.

Triple X

Seductive, rich and sexy. But it’s not all about the decadent milk. These cheeses are packed with flavor.

  • Buffala Mozzarella Italy There is nothing quite like this Italian cheese - creamy & rich, it’s as delicious as it is unique.
  • Chef’s Chevre California It takes Laura Chenel two days from goat to table for her fresh chevre, and we love its rich farmstead flavor.
  • Cremeux De Bourgogne France Classic triple cream (at least 75% butterfat) with a silky texture and a creamy core.
  • Cambozola Germany Called the blue brie, this rich double cream blue is balanced by its salty blue interior

Hard Times

Classic, Timeless, Diverse. The variety in this selection is remarkable.

  • La Clare Wisconsin The mildest cheese in this group, it has a creamy texture, and a fruit flavor. The finish is surprisingly long.
  • Feather Ridge Illinois almonds & earthy notes make for a delicious American interpretation of a Spanish classic.
  • Pecorino Italy Award winning classic Sheep’s milk cheese from Sardinia aged for over 6 months to perfection.
  • Parmagiao Reggiano Italy From the prized red cows of Italy and aged 2 years. Taste the salty, nutty nuances of great Parmigiano.


Travel the world without leaving your seat. Excellent examples of Best in Class — no layovers or delays. Sit back and relax.

  • Manchego Spain Herbaceous and sweet, this rich cheese has hints of toasted almonds and earthy notes
  • Flory’s Truckle Iowa Made in the bandaged wrapped style, this cow’s milk cheddar has a chewy, chalk texture & sharp cheddar flavor
  • Barely Buzzed Utah Rubbed with ground espresso beans and ground lavender, with hints of vanilla and cocao nibs.
  • Hook’s 10 Year Wisconsin The king of Wisconsin! Creamy, meaty, salty, sharp, brash, rich and absolutely delicious.

My Blue Heaven

The “discovery” of blue cheese is rumored to have been an accident. Today, both the variety of styles and depth of flavor is astounding.

  • Gorgonzola Dulce Italy Younger than a traditional gorgonzola, this cheese is creamy but still packs a punch.
  • La Perla Spain Century old blue with pleasantly pungent aroma and crumbly texture, framed by round, rich blue flavor.
  • Forme D’Ambert France Roquefort’s kissing cousin, this bold blue has an earthy scent, a creamy texure, and slightly nutty flavor.
  • Blu Di Bufala Italy One of the kind! Funky, rustic appearance with a crumbly texture and amazing rich and earthy flavor.

Salumi Flight

Served with radish, herb salad, house-made violet mustard, breadsticks

  • La Quercia Prosciutto garlic, black pepper, sea salt, bay leaf
  • Coppa Juniper, spicy red pepper, and coriander aromas Juniper, spicy red pepper, and coriander aromas
  • House-Made Chicken Liver Mousse Bay leaf, black pepper, madeira, and orange zest
  • Soppressata clove, ginger, nutmeg, coriander

ADVISORY Consumption of raw or undercooked food such as meat, poultry, fish, shellfish or eggs, which can contain harmful bacteria, may cause serious illness.