At BIN 36 we respect your privacy. BIN 36 does not sell or share personally identifiable data to any third parties.

Information gathered by BIN 36 about website visitors from log files will not be shared with others, except for non-identifying and aggregate information to improve the experience.

BIN 36 uses Google Analytics , Google Webmaster tools and cookie technology as a way to better understand traffic to the website. BIN 36 may also use other web analytics programs and will always treat your privacy with the same level of confidentiality.

BIN 36 links to other websites which have their own privacy policies. The BIN 36 privacy practices only apply to the web pages belonging to BIN 36, and not to any other website which may be linked to by this site.

Any private information shared with BIN 36 through email, contact forms or any other method will remain private unless permission is provided to share the information.

BIN 36 does not target or knowingly collect information from children.

The BIN 36 privacy policy may change from time to time. Please check this page for the most recent privacy policy. If you would like to learn more about online privacy issues the following resources are good places to begin: